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The word “Cursillo” (kur-see-yo) is Spanish. It means a short course or little study.  It refers to a program of spiritual renewal initiated by the Spanish Roman Catholic church in the 1940’s.  It is now worldwide in scope and has been adopted by other denominations.

In the Anglican Church of Canada, Cursillo had it’s beginnings in 1982 and is now active in 25 of our dioceses.  Here in the Central Newfoundland Diocese, it was introduced in January 1986 with approval and assistance of our Bishop and at present we have a growing membership of several hundred.

Cursillo weekends are conducted in a retreat setting, yet they are not retreats.  Cursillo is an experience of Christian Community, but also a time of instruction in the basics of our faith.

It is a weekend of worship, music, instruction, reflection, discussion, prayer, and fellowship.

It is an instrument of renewal for persons, parishes, and dioceses.

It is a launching pad for Christian action in our world.

It is a support in our world.

It is a support system for Christian pilgrims.

A Cursillo Weekend is Three Days Long

But it lasts a lifetime!

It teaches what is fundamental to living a Christian Life. The May Cursillo weekends begins on a Friday evening and ends the following Monday evening. In October, the weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday evening. During the three days of Cursillo, candidates listen to 15 talks, five each day, given by laymen and clergy.

There is also Daily Eucharist and Prayer.

The laymen and clergy who comprise the “team” spend weeks working together preparing their talks.  It takes careful planning because the time is short and the subject extensive.

The talks cover such subjects as Ideals, Grace, The Church, Piety, Study, Sacraments, Action, Obstacles to Grace, Leaders, Environment, and Christianity in Action.  Each talk is followed by a discussion period in small groups.

A Cursillo Weekend is not a retreat.  There is no fasting, no long periods of silence and very little solitude.

Approaching Cursillo

Be curious

Be open to what happens in the now

Be honest with yourself as to where you are in your spiritual pilgrimage

Know that no specific response is expected of you

Allow others to respond in their way and yourself to respond in your own way.

At Cursillo

There are no surprises, no secrets.

There is love, not just spoken, but made real

There is an experience of Christian Community.

And above all and over all is the abiding presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and

the constant awareness of the awesome mystery of His endless love for His people.


PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF laity and clergy, who are curious, searching, discovering, growing TEAM

Laymen and women who spend weeks together preparing for a weekend and becoming a community.


Members of the clergy as part of the team

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