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Friends Sing Our Songs


When We Forget the Words

Mamie Mullins

May 21, 2017

Norman (Norm) Purchase

April 20, 2017

Gwendolyn (Gwen) May Watts

March 23, 2017

God is an Event of LOVE


 An Encounter, a Presence

Florence Torraville

May 8

Evelyn Lake

April 10

Gladys King

February 7

See!  The Beloved is Alive...is here!


See the Beloved is everywhere!

Rev. Ray Brett

June 4

Norman Randell

February 11

Ethel Lillian Bennett

March 25

Sadie (Sarah) King


Ronald Kelly Hawco

March 3

The Morning of happiness has dawned


Be open to transformation!

Joe Long

November 5

Myrtle Carter

November 14

Marguerite Ethel Anne

Masales Borland

October 8

Fred Strowbridge

Edith Osmond

August 31

Gladys Johnson

Kay Rubinich

Maxine Fry

The mystery of death


Giving way to Life!

Marion Torraville

Jean Seaward

August 24

Malcolm Shirley Kellegrew

August 11

Roy Hynes

June 29

Zena Baird

June 19

Ralph Morgan

April 17

Melita Carberry


Jean Clarke

February 23

Mary Verge


Alice B. Granter

January 22

Celebrate LOVE in your life


Practice seeing God in all things!

Leah Knee

December 29

Frank Porter


Elsie Oldford

November 2

Gerald Rogers

October 21

Norah Martin

Rev. Paul Thoms (Sr.)

July 5

Gordon Norris

June 15

Lloyd Pritchett

June 3

Olive Cole

Angelina Ayles

February 5

Greet the Rising Sun!


Celebrate your  life in  God!

Neville Savoury

December 21

Rev. Stephen Adkins

December 1

Rev. Andrew Fraser

November 12

Betty King

December 12

Rita Tilley

October 10

Ralph Turner

July 14

Mary Andrews

April 21

Beryl Abbott

April 14

Jane Lewis

April 4

Hazel Cooper


Mabel Bold


Contemplate God beyond all names


Affirm the Holy in each other

Rev. Carolyn White Perrier

March 24

Melita Butler


Una Savoury

January 2

You are God's Beloved One


Contemplate Buds Today

Herman Hancock

November 25

Jim Muggridge

November 16

Janet Fifield

Mary Heffern

Helena Bauld

Lurley Brown

Max Skiffington


Behold I am making

all things new    Rev 21:5


"Let the beauty we love

be what we do"

Jack Sheppard

Pleman Matchim

Ron Spurrell

Dorothy Stockley

Marion Pritchett

Edna Burry

Joyce Hiscock

Sylvia Taylor

Jacob Feltham

Eva Vallis

Enter into the Mystery of your Life


Contemplate what you see

Doris Henderson

Alex Ayles

Pearl Oldford

Nellie Brown

Eric Andrew

Kathleen Collins

Annie Brushett

May 29

Herb Rogers

February 25

Geraldine Hunt

God gave us Eternal Life


Eternal Life in His Son

Elsie Pritchett

November 22

Gertie Thorne

Vicky Laite

Make your intentions

known to God


We whisper this in Prayer

Louise Hancock

Hazel Goulding

Elizabeth Waterman

Bessie Kean

Gerald Fifield

The awe of God is everywhere


Look wherever you will -

see it! see it!

Lenora Fizzard

Be not afraid - for you are redeemed


Listen to the sound of LOVE

Josh Shave

Wade Carson

Lloyd White

Roland Tilley

Cyril Bull

Work for the Lord


Your reward is awaiting you

Eileen Thoms

Martha Crewe

Robert Pickett

Yvonne Short

Loretta Spurrell

Keep the fires burning


In all that you do!

Minnie Ford

Harry Collins

Tom Rowsell

Ella Rowsell

Your responsibility -

live in peace


With everyone

Annie Rogers

Judy Wagner

Keep your fire burning


Whispering always a prayer

Encourage one another

Joseph Keats

This is your gift from God

Always draw near

with confidence


to the throne of God's grace

Jacqui Parsons

Let your heart shout aloud


Hosanna in the Highest!

Marty Crewe

Nora Bull

Holy, Holy, Holy


Is the Lord our God!

Roland Tilley

Rev. Merril Rose

Harry Collins

Rev. Wilfred Sullivan

Honour Roll:  Present Year 2017 to Pre-1996

As we reflect on the names of each Cursillista who has entered into his/her Fifth Day:

Whisper A Prayer

I am the Lord your God … Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go!


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You Never Walk Alone