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What is the Fourth Day?

The FOURTH DAY is Cursillo shorthand for



in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to others

The Cursillo Slogan

 “Make a Friend – Be a Friend – Bring your friend to Christ  

The FOURTH DAY involves

A Rule of Life in which individuals are encouraged and stimulated to continue to deepen their spiritual life by means of prayer, study, spiritual direction and intentional action

Small Group Reunion where committed individuals gather on a regular basis with three or four others to review their spiritual progress (prayer, study, struggles) planning ways to transform their environments, particularly looking at ways to share God (who is in their lives) with other persons;

Floating Group themselves getting together with other groups (Ultreyas) to share ideas and apostolic successes and failures

The Fourth Day says simply that the essence of Christianity is not just being saved through grace, but is in being life-long servants of grace.

The Point of the FOURTH DAY

is to underscore and support apostolic action

is to plan and share the grace of God with one another and with others

(the lost, the lonely, the sick, the struggling, the outcast,

The downtrodden, the afflicted, …)

when we meet together and plan together we hold each other                   accountable for carrying out our plan of action

You have “Belonged” from all ETERNITY!