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How much does a Cursillo weekend cost?

The weekend has been fully paid for before you even register. The cost to the Cursillo Community is about $85 per person. This includes accommodation and meals.

Where are the weekends held?

 Cursillo weekend this year 2017 will be held at the Lion Max Simms Camp.

Do I have to share a room?

Yes, persons attending a Cursillo weekend will share rooms with others of their own gender.

What should I bring?

Bring comfortable, casual clothes, personal toiletries and medications, a Bible or other personal reading. Notepaper will be provided, as well as a small supply of emergency items if you forget something (e.g. toothpaste).  Please leave cameras, computers and cell phones at home. Really, you won't need them!

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?

The Weekend will not start until all registered persons have arrived, or are otherwise accounted for, so if you find you cannot attend due to illness or emergency, at the last minute, be sure to let your sponsor know. If you cannot contact your sponsor, call the emergency contact number provided in your confirmation letter.

Who do I tell about special diet requirements?

Include this information on your application form when you apply to attend a weekend. If you forgot to do this, contact the Registrar.

What is an Ultreya? Who may attend?

An Ultreya is a large gathering of a group of individuals who have made a Cursillo, that is, attended a Cursillo weekend, for inspiration, encouragement and support. An Ultreya usually includes singing, a witness talk, small group sharing, fellowship and of course snacks. Even if you have not yet made a Cursillo weekend, you are welcome to join us and find out more about Cursillo. Dates and places can be found on the Calendar of Events.  

What is a Group Reunion? Who may join one?

A group reunion is a meeting of a small group of people, usually three to five, on a regular basis, to share their spiritual journeys with one another in mutual support and encouragement. Individuals who have made a Cursillo weekend are strongly encouraged to form or join a group reunion.

When and where did Cursillo begin?

Cursillo began in Spain in the 1940's, and later expanded into the United States, then into Canada. The first Cursillo Weekend in the Diocese of Central Newfoundland was in 1986. Read more about the history of the Cursillo movement.

Where can I find the words to "De Colores"?

The words to the Spanish folk song vary widely; there are many, many versions to be found on the internet and in songbooks. The words as used in the Central Newfoundland Cursillo community may be found here, together with the most common Spanish lyrics.

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